Terms and Conditions

Usage Rights

“homeXmedia” is the owner and copyright holder of the photos, video(s) and/or iGuide material. The above are licensed to the agent and listing brokerage for the duration of the listing for use on the MLS, brokerage and agent websites and all social media.  When the listing terminates, so does the usage licence.  If a new listing with the same agent begins, the licence is automatically renewed for the duration of that listing.  For example, taking a property off the market in the winter and renewing the listing in the spring.   
In the case of a property being sold or rented by the owner of the property or their agent, the term of the licence will be for 99 years or until the property is sold or rented.  The iGuide material expires after one year of the service date but the property owner or agent will have the option to renew the iGuide material in 6-month intervals.

All photos, video and iGuide material are not transferrable or for resale by the agent nor by the agent’s client(s).  “homeXmedia” holds the rights to sell or re-license the photos or videos unless otherwise agreed upon by both parties in writing.  “homeXmedia” holds the rights to use all photos, videos and other media to market the  “homeXmedia” brand.

Cancellation Fee

A fee of $125 will be charged to the client if the session is cancelled within 6 hours of the appointment or if the photographer arrives to the property and cannot gain access within 15 minutes after the scheduled appointment time, in this case a travel fee of $65 per driving hour will also be charged.

If for any reason a job is cancelled after the photographer has already completed an appointment and before the content has been sent to the client, a cancellation fee of $200 plus a travel fee of $65 / hour of actual driving time will be charged to the client.

Late Payment Fee

Any unpaid invoices after 30 days of the invoice date will be charged an additional 2% per month.  

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