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In today’s digital age, professional real estate media has become an essential tool for Calgary real estate agents looking to elevate their brand and stand out from the competition.   The use of high quality photographs is the bare minimum standard that an agent requires for every listing – and I think many would agree.  Long gone are the days of cell phone photos (especially the ones showing a lovely reflection in a mirror, and don’t forget the toilet seat) that are quickly uploaded to the MLS with minimal or no re-touching.  Although, I still see them on the MLS today.

Pair pro-grade photos with other media available and an agent is set up for success – not only with their current listing but future listings.  Potential sellers will look at an agent’s previous and current listings to see their level of marketing.  Would you sell a home with an agent who has poor or mediocre photos for their listings or one who consistently uses professional media to showcase their listings?  I think the majority would agree to the same answer.

Quite simply, look at the invoice you receive from your photographer as an investment into your brand.  The ROI is high.

Let’s touch on some other services that may help.  Many ‘shoots’ consist of photos and RMS measurements.  I dropped the manual measurements and graph paper years ago and have transferred to using the laser accurate iGuide system.  This is a great starting point for your listing.  Many of my local clients in the Calgary area have said the iGuide virtual tour increases sales sold sight unseen and also lowering the number of showings (ie: tire kickers) thus, saving valuable time.  Consider video as well.  Cinematic walk-through videos will gain much more exposure online.  Pair them in a vertical format for social media to have the platform algorithms work for you.  The views they receive are exponential compared to just photos alone.  It shows that you are going the extra mile.  You can also use social media walk-through reels for a quick vertical format walk-through (run-through?) style video.

Aerial photos and video are also a key add-on for listings.  I’d have to say they are a must for farms and acreages.  However for urban properties, they still hold their place.  Nearby amenities and an overall view of the location is key to potential buyers.

These services along with other add-ons (twilight views, virtual staging, etc.) will elevate your brand to where it needs to be.  Plus, it’s helping your current listing at the same time.

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